My Journey in Bronze - a Book detailing the Famous Sculpture of Native Americans in Bronze by Marie Barbera Sculptor

A wonderful 312 page coffee table book measuring 13" x 11" in full color detailing the illustrous career of Marie Barbera Fine Bronze Sculptor The book includes lots of text on the history of the characters and the figures I created... in addition are some early paintings... $150.00 - contact Marue Barbera for purchase information

My Journey in Bronze a 312 page hard bound coffee table book of Marie Barbera's career

I cannot identify why I felt so strongly about Native American culture, but I did not create my art until discovering the world of the Hopi, Navajo, Shoshone and Sioux Indians. At first, I felt it was not my place to appropriate Native American subjects. This was not my own cultural heritage. At first I experimented with pastoral landscape, but found this did not hold my interest. I relented to my fascination with the subject of native women and the influence of my appreciation for the work of Francisco Zuniga. In the 1960’s, I produced the first work of this Native American in the form of large scale watercolors reminiscent of Zuniga’s oil paintings of that same period. I loved the attention of Zuniga’s figures with large hands and feet, which suggested strength to me. I studied his drawings and sculptures in books and from examples of actual work from the San Diego Museum of Art Collection.

I resisted the transition to a three dimensional medium for nearly twenty years and I am sorry I waited so long. Clay is a wonderful medium that facilitates the full expressions of my ideas.

Indigenous Americans are peoples of the earth and I feel I have developed a dialogue with them as I recreate their stories from their history into clay and into bronze. I develop my ideas from researching books. Something I read will intrigue me and I’ll seek out additional information and become so involved in that story that I will integrate it to my own remembrance. These stories allow me to relate to you, through my works...

Marie Barbera: 2009

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Marie Barbera fine limited edition bronze sculpture

Marie Barbera creates wonderful limited edition bronze sculpture. Marie Barbera is one of the world's foremost sculptors of Native American Indians. Marie Barbera is known for her figurative, wildlife and equine sculpture. She has created well over 100 pieces of limited edition bronze sculpture. Her art and sculpture career spans decades.