Famous Sculpture Little Raven a Monumental Bronze by Marie Barbera Sculptor

Little Raven a Native American monumental sculpture by Marie Barbera

Little Raven

Limited Edition Monumental bronze sculpture... SOLD OUT
Monumental 13 feet high

Marie Barbera creates famous sculpture in bronze of Native Americans. Marie Barbera is one of the world's foremost sculptors of Native American Indians. Marie Barbera is known for her figurative, wildlife and equine sculpture. She has created well over 100 pieces of limited edition bronze sculpture. Her art and sculpture career spans decades.

"Indiginous Americans are peoples of the earth and I feel I have developed a dialogue with them as I recreate their stories from their history into clay and into bronze. I develop my ideas from researching books. Something I read will intrigue me and I'll seek out additional information and become so involved in that story that I will integrate it to my own rememberence. These stories allow me to relate to you my works."