Famous Sculpture by Marie Barbera of Native Americans, Wildlife and Equine Bronze Sculpture


Marie Barbera works on several pieces at a time and laughs about her red stained hands, a curse for having fingers that are never far from the clay. Even when Marie and Frank Barbera are traveling to shows she takes a work in progress along to sculpt. The majority of Marie Barbera's sculpture are limited to an edition of 30 with three artist's proofs, with some an edition of 50. The colors are achieved using traditional patinas that are torch-etched onto the bronze.

Marie Barbera fine limited edition bronze sculpture

Marie Barbera creates wonderful limited edition bronze sculpture. Marie Barbera is one of the world's foremost and famous sculptors of Native American Indians. Marie Barbera is known for her figurative, wildlife and equine sculpture. She has created well over 100 pieces of limited edition bronze sculpture. Her art and sculpture career spans decades.

Marie Barbera famous bronze sculpture of Native American subject matter